Premiere Island Power
REIT Corporation

As a real estate investment trust company (REIT), our total assets are income-generating real estate property types used in an industry that is essentially needed and is safe and secure from crises – the power sector. Be a part of an enterprise that promotes stable synergy and continuously advances sufficiency, reliability, growth, sustainability, and innovation.

Our portfolio of income-generating
real estate assets

Our investment portfolio as beyond the traditional commercial real estate.




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S.I. Power Corporation


S. I. Power Corporation, known as SIPCOR, is a power generation company located at the mystic Siquijor Island in Central Visayas. It mainly operates and maintains our bunker-fired generation units and is looking to expand its power operations in other locations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Camotes Island Power Generation Corporation​


Similar to SIPCOR, the Camotes Island Power Generation Corporation or CAMPCOR is in the business of generating power for the consumption of the people. It currently operates two (2) power plants in Camotes Island, Cebu, and is looking to engage in other power operations in various locations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

Why choose PremiereREIT,
an Energy Real Estate Investment Trust?

PremiereREIT is a stock corporation established as a real estate investment trust (REIT) company to house income-generating real estate and ensure that its stakeholders’ investments continuously grow and are realized through regular distribution of shareholder dividends.


One of the Publicly-traded REITs

The stock corporation is a real estate investment trust registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Once our applications with the SEC and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) are approved, PremiereREIT will be a publicly listed REIT which would engage under more transparent capital markets as compared to private REITs.

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Long Term Capital Appreciation

Even during recessions, the REIT total return performance is good. This is because of the nature in which investment funds are channeled to: income-generating real property assets, whose value constantly appreciates, and which allows PremiereREIT and its stakeholders to look towards regular and recurring revenues.

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Safe and Secure Investment

PremiereREIT derives its gross income from rental revenues generated by its income-generating real estate portfolio. Unlike traditional mortgage REITs and other REITs leasing to real estate companies, our core investment strategy is to have real property gross assets in the power and energy sector, a crisis-proof industry whose services are always needed by the people.

PREIT PH - Financial Strength

Financial Strength​

PremiereREIT is a part of an established conglomerate, Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI), and whose sponsors operate in a crisis-proof industry. Thus, it is a guarantee of financial strength. Further, this position also ensures our shareholders that PremiereREIT has a good track record in contracts and risks management.

PREIT PH - Sustainability


PremiereREIT’s sustainability foresight is both in terms of investment and the environment. Being an energy REIT ensures the sustainability of investments. Likewise, it will soon have real estate assets in the renewable energy sector which will serve as our corporate social responsibility, contributing to saving the environment and our future.

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Who is PremiereREIT

Premiere Island Power REIT Corporation or PremiereREIT is a real estate investment trust company organized under the REIT law and, assuming our applications with the SEC and the PSE are approved, will be one of the newest publicly listed REITs in the Philippines. Our income-generating real estate portfolio are primarily used in the power industry, thus, ensuring our shareholders a robust investment.

What are REITs, generally and how do they operate?

REITs or real estate investment trusts are businesses that invest in income-generating real estate and usually derive revenue from rental income. They engage in the stock market with a model closely related to a mutual fund. REITs pay the majority of their taxable income to their shareholders directly through dividends.

What are non-traded REITs?

Basically, the term non-traded REIT refers to an unregistered real estate investment trust. Therefore, these REITs do not participate in national stock exchanges.